About Us

Sophia Chantal McCallister is a 28-year-old government politician who enjoys social media, baking and meditation. She is friendly and bright, but can also be very untrustworthy and a bit greedy.

She is Irish. She started studying philosophy, politics and economics at college but never finished the course. She has a severe phobia of buttons

Physically, Sophia is not in great shape. She needs to lose quite a lot of weight. She is very short with walnut skin, black hair and green eyes.

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. After her father died when she was young, she was raised by her mother

She is currently married to Kira Conor Brady. Kira is the same age as her and works as a lab assistant.

Sophia has one child with husband Kira: Jeff aged 0.

Sophia’s best friend is a government politician called Cara Kumar. They have a very firey friendship. She also hangs around with Fergus Ramos and Glen Gray. They enjoy cycling together.